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Chimera homepage

Chimera manual

Manual page for "swapna"

Changing face of Medline

Dr.joaguin barroso's blog kimia komputasi

Dr.Barry Honig’s web site (Columbia University great images of biomolecules)

NIH Center for Molecular Modeling


Searching our WebCite Literature Database




For using wxmacmolplt with pcgamess/firefly there is a short tutorial

blog David Watson computational chemistry

Try Gabedit

GAMESS website


Molecular Materials Informatics software kimia komputasi untuk hp (BlackBerry)

UCSF Chimera

Schrödinger Products

LigandScout advanced structure-based pharmacophore modeling

Google Directory Science Chemistry>Software Physicaland Theoretical

Molsoft L.L.C.: Download Molsoft Free Products

Computational Science Software

Open Directory Science Chemistry Software Physical and Theoretical

FSF France Free Software for Chemistry



Accelrys 1


Molegro Molecular Viewer Product

worldofteaching Free Chemistry Powerpoint


Download & Installation Modeller

Using QM, Spartan Model Calculates Energies

Sains Komputasi Computational Science


NIC-Serie: Publikationsreihe des John von Neumann-Instituts für Computing

NetSci: MM/MD Modeling Software Lists

List of Software for Quantum Mechanics

Download Chemistry sorted by last update descending Softpedia


NAMD - Scalable Molecular Dynamics

Hyperchem For Linux

Blog Kimia Komputasi Dosen


Software2 Kimia Komputasi


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